Feeding Your Caiques

In captivity caiques should be fed a variety of fruits and vegetables in captivity as the basis of their diet. It should be chopped and provided in a clean non-porous dish that can be washed daily.

Some popular fruits that may be fed to caiques include:

-apple              -passionfruit            -grapes

-orange            -pomegranate          -blue berries

-banana           -strawberries            -tomato

Vegetables that may be fed to caiques:

-corn (kernels or on the cob)            -capsicum

-cucumber        -broccoli                  -carrot           


A good quality clean seed mix can be provided along with pellets such as those made by RoudybushTM, which can be fed to introduce vitamins and minerals that may be lacking in a caique's diet. However, seed or pellets alone should never form the sole diet of a caique, but should rather supplement a diet of vegetables and fruits.

Caiques love nuts such as almonds and walnut halves. Nuts should not be offered ad-libitum, but offered perhaps as one almond or half walnut per bird per day. Almonds are a source of calcium and beneficial to females prior to egg laying. The number of nuts can be increased during the breeding season for parents raising chicks.

Caiques love fresh leafy branches to browse on, which can provide food such as berries but also something to chew on to keep their beaks in good shape as well as their mind! Suitable non-toxic branches include apple trees, eucalyptus, pine, tea tree, pyracantha and cotoneaster.


Fresh water should be provided at all times. To allow caiques to bathe, which most love to do, a wide shallow bowl is suitable.